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December 30, 2012
Chinese leaders watch Peking Opera for New Year
December 16, 2012
#China pledges steady development of Confucius Institutes
December 09, 2012
8th National Congress of China Photographers Association opens in Beijing #China
December 08, 2012
Former Chinese vice premier Zeng Peiyan appointed President of World Bridge Federation Congress
November 27, 2012
CPC publicity chief addresses folk arts conference #China
November 09, 2012
Senior Chinese leader mourns death of artist Li Moran #China
October 26, 2012
Top advisor commemorates noted writer, urges cultural prosperity #China
October 26, 2012
Media should better serve the people, says senior Chinese leader #China
October 24, 2012
Lawmakers hear reports on SOE, cultural system reforms #China
October 15, 2012
Chinese leader urges for greater cultural development #China
October 12, 2012
Chinese leader congratulates Mo Yan on winning #Nobel Prize
October 12, 2012
Top Chinese political advisor calls for more constructive proposals #China
October 10, 2012
Li Changchun urges to protect traditional heritage of #China
October 08, 2012
Top political advisor views #Chinese Revolution art
September 29, 2012
Li Changchun attends concert to mark National Day #China
September 26, 2012
#China stresses Party leadership in cultural reform
September 19, 2012
Minority writers encouraged to help boost #China's "soft power"
September 16, 2012
Hui Liangyu declared open the seventh National Peasants' Games in #Nanyang #China
September 02, 2012
Li Changchun watches national music concert #China
August 29, 2012
Senior CPC official visits Beijing Int'l Book Fair #China
August 23, 2012
Li Changchun stresses innovation in culture sector #China
August 17, 2012
President Hu greets Chinese Olympians
August 13, 2012
Xu Caihou visits PLA “August 1” Film Studio
July 26, 2012
Renowned publishing company's founding anniversary marked in Beijing
July 10, 2012
Senior official stresses protection of cultural relics
July 09, 2012
China's National Museum celebrates centennial
July 06, 2012
Top political advisor attends closing ceremony of ethnic performance
July 06, 2012
Xinhua president urges readjustment of world media organizations
June 30, 2012
President Hu sings "Ode to the Motherland" with performers
June 29, 2012
Popularize China-style Marxism, senior official urges
June 19, 2012
Senior CPC official calls for closer cultural exchanges with Africa
June 17, 2012
Senior Chinese leader emphasizes reform of cultural sector
June 12, 2012
Chinese leaders attend opening of minority art festival
June 12, 2012
Sr. Chinese leader encourages drama artists
June 08, 2012
Senior Chinese leaders watch classic drama
June 02, 2012
Senior leader urges deepened Marxism study
May 31, 2012
Senior leader attends children's day gala
May 29, 2012
Senior Chinese official urge artists to create more works on ethnic unity
May 26, 2012
China, Singapore sign program on cultural cooperation in arts, heritage, library
May 23, 2012
Commemoration of Mao speech highlights cultural development
May 22, 2012
CPC official calls for prosperous minority literature
May 20, 2012
Senior CPC official on cultural industry development
May 16, 2012
Senior leader attends stage performance depicting Beijing history
May 05, 2012
China, Japan, ROK agree to enhance cultural cooperation
May 04, 2012
Li Changchun watches joint performance by college students across China
April 28, 2012
China pins hope on youth to cement friendship with Indonesia
April 20, 2012
Li Changchun attends opening ceremony of Confucius institute in Canada
April 15, 2012
Senior CPC official attends opening ceremony at London Book Fair
April 05, 2012
Top legislator stresses protection over cultural relics
April 03, 2012
Wen says China's economy continues to grow as anticipated
March 30, 2012
Senior official urges cultural system reform
March 24, 2012
Publicity head urges to invigorate philosophical, social science study
March 22, 2012
Hu Jintao celebrates publisher's centennial anniversary
March 22, 2012
Zhonghua Book Company marks 100th anniversary of establishment
March 21, 2012
Senior official stresses innovation in broadcasting industry
March 21, 2012
Senior official stresses innovation in broadcasting industry
March 17, 2012
Senior official urges development of cartoon industry
March 07, 2012
Senior Chinese leader stresses media development
February 28, 2012
Senior leader urges to boost red tourism
February 21, 2012
Senior leader cites rocket scientist in call for innovation
February 15, 2012
CPC publicity chief calls for building of cultural theory
February 14, 2012
Senior leader stresses intangible cultural heritage protection
February 10, 2012
Senior Chinese official calls for strengthening of Marxism research
February 06, 2012
CPC Central Committee hosts gathering to celebrate Lantern Festival
January 21, 2012
Top Chinese leaders attend Lunar New Year reception
January 20, 2012
Senior official visits state TV's rehearsal of Lunar New Year gala
January 20, 2012
Mainland official extends Lunar New Year greetings to Taiwan compatriots
January 12, 2012
China holds Spring Festival gala for overseas Chinese
January 12, 2012
Premier Wen says foreign experts are welcomed to work in China
January 10, 2012
Spring Festival reception held for widows of late political advisors, celebrities
January 05, 2012
Top political advisor calls for improved welfare for residents in mudslide-hit town
January 03, 2012
Chinese State Councilor attends opening ceremony of China's 12th National Winter Games
January 02, 2012
Senior Chinese leader congratulates musician on concert
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