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Zhang Dejiang
Former Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 12th NPC
Born: 1946, Liaoning Province, Tai'an County

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Appeared/Travelled With:
Bo Xilai 薄熙来 Chui Sai On 崔世安 Fan Changlong 范长龙 Guo Jinlong 郭金龙 Han Zheng 韩正 He Guoqiang 贺国强 Hu Chunhua 胡春华 Hu Jintao 胡锦涛 Hui Liangyu 回良玉 Jia Qinglin 贾庆林 Li Changchun 李长春 Li Jianguo 李建国 Li Keqiang 李克强 Li Yuanchao 李源潮 Li Zhanshu 栗战书 Liu Qibao 刘奇葆 Liu Yandong 刘延东 Liu Yunshan 刘云山 Ma Kai 马凯 Meng Jianzhu 孟建柱 Sun Chunlan 孙春兰 Sun Zhengcai 孙政才 Wan Gang 万钢 Wang Huning 王沪宁 Wang Qishan 王岐山 Wang Yang 汪洋 Wen Jiabao 温家宝 Wu Bangguo 吴邦国 Xi Jinping 习近平 Xu Qiliang 许其亮 Yu Zhengsheng 俞正声 Zhang Chunxian 张春贤 Zhang Gaoli 张高丽 Zhao Leji 赵乐际 Zhou Yongkang 周永康

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12/30/12 Chinese leaders watch Peking Opera for New Year (Beijing Municipality)
Hu Jintao was in Beijing Municipality
Others Attending: Chui Sai On, Zhang Dejiang
12/16/12 Xi Jinping addresses central economic work conference #China (Beijing Municipality)
12/04/12 Congress held to mark 30th anniversary of Constitution's implementation in Beijing #China (Beijing Municipality)
12/03/12 #China Zhigong Party pledges to improve political participation (Beijing Municipality)
11/29/12 Xi Jinping visits the National Museum of #China (Beijing Municipality)
11/20/12 Sun Zhengcai appointed Party chief of Chongqing #China (Beijing Municipality)
11/19/12 Politburo meets on how to implement spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress. #18PC #China (Beijing Municipality)
11/15/12 Xi Jinping elected general secretary of CPC Central Committee #China #18PC (Beijing Municipality)
11/15/12 List of Politburo members of 18th CPC Central Committee #China #18PC (Beijing Municipality)
11/15/12 List of members of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of 18th CPC Central Committee #China #18PC (Beijing Municipality)
11/15/12 Group photo of members of Standing Committees of 17th, 18th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau #China #18PC (Beijing Municipality)
07/13/12 Chongqing economy rebounds in first half 2012 (Chongqing Municipality)
Zhang Dejiang travelled to Chongqing Municipality
04/11/12 Chongqing supports CPC decision to investigate Bo Xilai (Chongqing Municipality)
03/15/12 Zhang Dejiang replaces Bo Xilai as Chongqing Party chief (Chongqing Municipality)
Zhang Dejiang travelled to Liaoning Province, Shenyang City
Zhang Dejiang was in Beijing Municipality
and met with the following:
Ginni Rometty (President and CEO of IBM)
Zhang Dejiang was in Beijing Municipality
and met with the following:
Doris Leuthard (Swiss Minister of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications)
Zhang Dejiang travelled to Hubei Province, Wuhan City
01/18/12 Chinese vice premier presses for full coverage of pension insurance by the end of 2012 (Beijing Municipality)
01/07/12 China Focus: China ends financial meeting, urges serving real economy amid risks (Beijing Municipality)
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