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Yu Xiaosong
Chairman of the China Trade Promotion Council, Chairman of the China International Chamber of Commerce
Born: 1937, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City

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2007 2006

Appeared/Travelled With:
Bo Xilai 薄熙来 Cao Gangchuan 曹刚川 Chen Zhili 陈至立 Gao Qiang 高强 Hui Liangyu 回良玉 Jin Renqing 金人庆 Li Dek Su 李德洙 Li Jinhua 李金华 Li Rongrong 李荣融 Li Shenglin 李盛霖 Li Xueju 李学举 Li Zhaoxing 李肇星 Li Zhilun 李志伦 Ma Kai 马凯 Mou Xinsheng 牟新生 Shang Fulin 尚福林 Sun Jiazheng 孙家正 Sun Wensheng 孙文盛 Tang Jiaxuan 唐家璇 Tian Chengping 田成平 Wang Guangtao 汪光焘 Wang Shucheng 汪恕诚 Wang Taihua 王太华 Wang Xudong 王旭东 Wen Jiabao 温家宝 Wu Aiying 吴爱英 Wu Dingfu 吴定富 Wu Yi 吴仪 Xu Guanhua 徐冠华 Xu Yongyue 许永跃 Yang Yuanyuan 杨元元 Zeng Peiyan 曾培炎 Zhang Bailin 张柏林 Zhang Weiqing 张维庆 Zhang Yunchuan 张云川 Zhou Xiaochuan 周小川 Zhou Yongkang 周永康

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01/26/07 Wen Jiabao presided over the 9th plenary meeting of the State Council to discuss a draft of the government work report. (Beijing Municipality)
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Yu Xiaosong
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