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PHOTO: Gyalcan Norbu
Gyalcan Norbu 江村罗布
Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Regional Committee
Born: 1932

Biography Highlight

Gyalcan Norbu, male, Tibetan nationality, is a native of Batang, Sichuan Province. He was born in 1932 and joined the CPC in 1956.

Gyalcan began his career as a staff officer at the Qamdo Garrison Headquarters in Tibet. After serving there for six years, Gyalcan shifted his career to judicial and Party positions. He became a magistrate of Baxoi County in Tibet and later was the president of the Qamdo Intermediate People‘s Court.

In 1966, Gyalcan became the secretary of CPC Xigaze Prefectural Committee and was also the commissioner of Xigaze Prefectural Administrative Office. In 1973, he returned to the judiciary and became president of the Regional Higher People‘s Court. Five years later in 1978, he was made the procurator-general of the Regional People‘s Procuratorate. He served in this capacity until 1988.

In 1990, Gyalcan assumed government responsibilities for Tibet. He was appointed chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Regional People‘s Government. In 1993, he was elected to that position. Since 1988, he has been deputy secretary of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Regional Committee.

Recent Career Data

1998—2003 Member, 9th Standing Committee of the NPC
1998—2003 Vice-Chairman, 9th Ethnic Affairs Committee of the NPC
1992—1997 Alternate Member, 14th CPC, Central Committee
1990—???? Chairman, Autonomous Region People's Government Tibet Autonomous Region
1985— Deputy Secretary, CPC, Autonomous Regional Committee Tibet Autonomous Region
1978—1988 Procurator-General, Autonomous Regional People's Procuratorate Tibet Autonomous Region
1973—1978 President, Higher People's Court (at provincial level) Tibet Autonomous Region
1966—1972 Commissioner, Prefectural Administrative Office Tibet Autonomous Region, Xigaze Prefecture
1966—1972 Secretary, CPC, Autonomous Prefectural Committee Tibet Autonomous Region, Xigaze Prefecture
1959—1966 Deputy Secretary, Tibet Autonomous Region, Zhongba CPC, Party Committee

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