Birthplace: Henan Province

Che Yingxin (Henan Province, 1954)
Hu Huaibang (Henan Province, 1955)
Liu Pingjun (Henan Province, 1952)
Wan Yongxiang (Henan Province, 1944)
Wang Rulin (Henan Province)
Wang Xizhi (Henan Province)
Zhang Sujun (Henan Province, 1955)
Zhang Xinshi (Henan Province, 1934)
Zhao Tiechui (Henan Province, 1951)
Mao Wanchun (Henan Province, Tangyin County, 1961)
Jian Baowei (Henan Province, Anyang City, 1953)
Sun Manji (Henan Province, Anyang City)
Zhao Aiming (Henan Province, Anyang City, 1961)
Qin Yinhe (Henan Province, Baofeng County, 1951)
Wei Xin (Henan Province, Dancheng, 1955)
Tuo Zhen (Henan Province, Fangcheng County, 1959)
Zhang Yankun (Henan Province, Fangcheng County, 1963)
Cui Junhui (Henan Province, Fanxian County, 1946)
Liu Yi (Henan Province, Fanxian County, 1953)
Song Airong (Henan Province, Fugou County, 1959)
Zhang Haoruo (Henan Province, Gongxian County, 1932)
Fan Qinchen (Henan Province, Gongyi City, 1941)
Ma Xiaotian (Henan Province, Gongyi City, 1949)
Li Binhua (Henan Province, Guangshan, 1942)
Wen Shengchang (Henan Province, Guangshan)
Li Yang (Henan Province, Huaiyang County, 1951)
Nie Yuanzi (Henan Province, Huaxian, 1921)
Wang Anshun (Henan Province, Hui County, 1957)
Wu Dunfu (Henan Province, Ji County, 1945)
Li Gen (Henan Province, Jiyuan City, 1953)
Lu Zhongyuan (Henan Province, Jiyuan City, 1952)
Xu Jingye (Henan Province, Jiyuan City, 1951)
Wang Longde (Henan Province, Kaifeng City, 1947)
Yang Zhenjie (Henan Province, Kaifeng City, 1936)
Zhang Hai (Henan Province, Kaifeng City, 1975)
Nan Zhenzhong (Henan Province, Lingbao County, 1942)
Li Qianyuan (Henan Province, Linzhou City, 1942)
Guo Zhengqian (Henan Province, Luoning, 1933)
Zhang Guoqing (Henan Province, Luoshan County, 1964)
Li Chong An (Henan Province, Luoyang City, 1944)
Zhang Siqing (Henan Province, Luoyang City, 1932)
Wang Baoan (Henan Province, Lushan County, 1963)
Ji Bingxuan (Henan Province, Mengjin County, 1951)
Lu Zhipeng (Henan Province, Mengjin County, 1964)
Tian Xiusi (Henan Province, Mengzhou, 1950)
Wei Liucheng (Henan Province, Miyang County, 1946)
Hou Zongbin (Henan Province, Nanhe, 1929)
Wang Zhiping (Henan Province, Nanle City, 1953)
Cao Keming (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1934)
Chang Wanquan (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1949)
Fu Zhifang (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1956)
Li Dongheng (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1944)
Li Jinming (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1941)
Li Jinshun (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1943)
Li Pengde (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1962)
Song Zhaosu (Henan Province, Nanyang City, 1941)
Zhang Guowei (Henan Province, Nanyang City)
Peng Qingyuan (Henan Province, Nanzhao, 1920)
Zong Guoying (Henan Province, Neihuang County, 1963)
Guo Xianwen (Henan Province, Pingdingshan City, 1957)
Chen Quanguo (Henan Province, Pingyu, 1955)
Sun Honglie (Henan Province, Puyang)
Tian Guangtao (Henan Province, Qingfeng County, 1921)
Wu Shuangzhan (Henan Province, Qingfeng County, 1945)
Chen Xuefeng (Henan Province, Qixian County, 1958)
Shen Liguo (Henan Province, Qixian County, 1949)
Zhang Dinghua (Henan Province, Shaanxian County, 1933)
Yun Xiaosu (Henan Province, Shan County, 1950)
Liu Junchen (Henan Province, Shangcai County, 1963)
Liu Wei (Henan Province, Shangqiu City, 1957)
Shi Xiushi (Henan Province, Shangqiu City, 1942)
Wang Jun (Henan Province, Shangqiu City, 1958)
Zhang Shutian (Henan Province, Shangqiu City, 1939)
Lin Yinghai (Henan Province, Taiqian County, 1932)
Wang Fuyu (Henan Province, Tanghe, 1952)
Gao Tijian (Henan Province, Weihui City, 1959)
Li Shenming (Henan Province, Wenxian County, 1949)
Wang Julu (Henan Province, Wenxian County, 1945)
Wang Mengkui (Henan Province, Wenxian County, 1938)
Cao Gangchuan (Henan Province, Wugang, 1935)
Zhong Xunzheng (Henan Province, Wugang, 1929)
Zang Xianfu (Henan Province, Wuyang, 1954)
Tian Shihong (Henan Province, Wuzhi County, 1964)
Yang Jinshan (Henan Province, Xi County, 1954)
Zhang Chaochao (Henan Province, Xincai County, 1967)
Sun Zhigang (Henan Province, Xingyang City, 1954)
Yang Jingyu (Henan Province, Xingyang City, 1936)
Qin Yizhi (Henan Province, Xinxiang City, 1965)
Xi Yifang (Henan Province, Xinxiang County, 1944)
Luo Yulin (Henan Province, Xinye County, 1958)
Dong Guishan (Henan Province, Xiping County, 1946)
Gao Fengtao (Henan Province, Xiping County, 1959)
Song Yuying (Henan Province, Xizhou, 1950)
Bu Zhixin (Henan Province, Yanling County, 1941)
Liu Yongzhi (Henan Province, Yanling County, 1944)
Duan Zhengkun (Henan Province, Yanshi County, 1945)
Sun Guoqiang (Henan Province, Ye County, 1953)
Jiang Duyun (Henan Province, Yongcheng City, 1954)
Jiang Xuguang (Henan Province, Yongcheng City, 1960)
Wang Xiufang (Henan Province, Yongcheng City, 1953)
Li Shulei (Henan Province, Yuanyang City, 1964)
Ai Husheng (Henan Province, Yuxian County, 1951)
Huang Haisong (Henan Province, Yuzhou City, 1953)
Li Guoying (Henan Province, Yuzhou City, 1964)
Lian Weiliang (Henan Province, Yuzhou City, 1962)
Zhang Chunxian (Henan Province, Yuzhou City, 1953)
Chen Zongxing (Henan Province, Zhengyang, 1943)
He Hua (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1960)
Li Chunsheng (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1961)
Lu Zhaojun (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City)
Ma Hao (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1966)
Mei Yangzheng (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1929)
Qiao Qingchen (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1939)
Yan Haiwang (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1939)
Zhou Zhengsheng (Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, 1956)
Guo Shuyan (Henan Province, Zhenping County, 1935)
Peng Xiaofeng (Henan Province, Zhenping County, 1945)
Xu Yongyue (Henan Province, Zhenping County, 1942)
Zhang Wenxian (Henan Province, Zhenping County, 1951)
Feng Jianzhong (Henan Province, Zhumadian City)
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